Documentary The Land of Karate


This series of web magazine documentaries intends to introduce Okinawa traditional karate and its birthplace.

Through 7 episodes, you will be able to discover some aspects of Okinawa’s most precious cultural asset. Mixing various media supports, our original intention is to offer a platform for discovery and learning for those who are not familiar with Okinawan karate and also for Okinawa karate practitioners.

For those interested, footnotes with detailed explanations of the documentaries’ contents are available for each documentary.

Far from us to say that THIS IS KARATE or its complete history, spirit and technique, our aim is to introduce some if its facets from a different point of view. Also, we hope to be able to offer you new insights and a pleasant moment regardless of your level and knowledge about Okinawa karate.

Thank you for visiting us and enjoy “The Land of Karate”.

Episode 1: History 

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Episode 2: KYUDOKAN
Part-1 (Kata Gion)
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Episode 3: KYUDOKAN
Episode 4: MEIBUKAN
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 Episode 5: MEIBUKAN
Part-2 (Kata Sepai)
 Episode 6: Uema Shubukan
 Episode 7: Uema Shubukan Part-2 (Kata Chatan Yara no Kusanku)

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