Tips and useful links

Certificate of eligibility: If your objective is to stay more than 3 months in Japan, you will have to apply for a specific visa (College Student Visa or Cultural Activities Visa). For this, you will first need to apply for a “Certificate of eligibility”. We can help you with this procedure. However, note that applying for such a certificate can take up to 3 months.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): More on this topic by visiting this site

Immigration Bureau of Japan: The website of the bureau is

Insurance: It is mandatory for overseas students to contract an insurance contract in their respective country for the period of study and this prior to departure. School insurance doesn’t apply for period inferior to 3 months.

Kumon: Learn more about this organization quite famous in Japan by visiting Kumon Japanese Language Program

Shogaku Global Dorm: Located one minute from the campus, this brand new facility was opened in June 2012. International students live cooperatively in a dorm that was built based on the concept of incorporating the intercultural programming of Okisho within the daily life at the dorm. The major features are as follow:

  • 1F multi-purpose room used as cafeteria, study hall and activity space
  • 2F living space are gender partitioned by floors and concrete walls
  • The official common languages are English and Japanese.
  • Security wise, a state of the art auto lock facility access system has been installed. Smart-keys are digitally managed to prevent misuse by trespassers.
  • Breakfasts and dinners are delivered to the dorm on school days. Lunches are taken at the school cafeteria.
  • Residents receive assistant and support from the dorm management staff and teachers assigned.

The schedule at the dorm goes as follow:

7:00 Wake-up Roll-up

7:00 ~ 7:45 Breakfast and commute preparation

7:45 Commute to school

19:00~21:00 Dinner or free time

21:00~22:00 Study time

22:00~22:10 Clean-up

22:10~23:00 Relax time

23:00~ Lights out & shutdown

Shared amenities at the dorm: Standing hot showers, modern lavatories, free washers and dryers, refrigerators, microwaves, toaster-oven, pop-up toaster, rice cooker, electric kettles, IH kitchens, utensils and cooking dishes, filtered drinking water, rooms with free internet access.

Personal amenities: Single or bunk tatami grass mat bed, closet and drawers, built-in desk, locking file cabinet, office chair, desk lamp, built-in air cleaner, AC/heater, etc.