Programs guidance


During your stay in Okinawa, you will join the “International Department of Humanities & Sciences” (IDHS). In this department, all subjects are taught in English and Japanese. Curriculum covers Japanese language conversation, Modern Society and Information Processing, Mathematics, Psychology, World history, Cultural activities (tea ceremony, sanshin, etc…), Music, art and calligraphy activities, Karate, completed with Kumon Japanese classes.


Image of a week curriculum for international students:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday 
    1      Karate  Karate  TOEFL writing  Math  Karate  Psychology
    2  TOEFL reading  Society and Information  TOEFL listening   Kumon (Japanese)  Karate  World history
    3   TOEFL Speaking  Japanese conversation  Psychology   TOEFL Speaking  TOEFL writing  Music and  arts
    4   Kumon (Japanese)  Math  Math  Cultural activities  Japanese conversation  
    5  TOEFL listening  Math  World history   Kumon (Japanese)  TOEFL reading  

* The curriculum may vary depending of the length of the program.

* One class is 70 minutes

* After school, possibilities to join the school’s club activities and to train in local dojo.


Terms of programs

According to your goals and desires, a wide range of programs are available. From two weeks to 1 year or more, you can experience life in a Japanese school, learn Japanese and train in martial arts in the birthplace of karate. For short term courses and 4-8 month courses, student can enroll anytime during the year. Please contact us for more details.

Long term courses      Short term courses     

12 month course (Credit recognition course)

8 month course (2 semesters)

4 month course (1 semester)

1~3 month courses

2~3 week courses




All students with our programs will stay at Okisho’s international dormitory, Shogaku Global Dorm, located one minute from the campus. International students are paired with a Japanese student as roommate in a room with a common area and sectioned-off private sleeping areas. Dorm fees are included in the program fees.


Program fees

Program      Japanese Yen         Estimation in US$         Estimation in Euro    
 12 month course                          1,629,750  16,135  12,386
 8 month course (2 semesters)  1,096,650  10,857  8,335
 4 month course (1 semester) 563,550   5,579  4,283
 3 month course 415,275   4,111  3,156
 2 month course 177,850   1,761  1,352
 1 month course 148,325   1,468  1,127
 3 week course (21 days)  128,889  1,276  980
 2 week course (14 days)  87,058  862  662

The above fees include:

Enrollment fee, Course fee, Education completion fee, Facility fee, Facility maintenance costs, Other sundry expenses, Dorm entrance fee, Facility maintenance costs, Dorm fee, Breakfast and dinner, Bedding rental fee.

The above fees do not include:

The registration fee, Travel expenses to Okinawa and back home, Passport and visa expenses, Lunch and pocket money, Insurance, Extra cultural activities not included in the school curriculum, Extra curriculum karate training fee and transportation expenses to the local dojo, etc…

For programs shorter than 2 weeks and longer than one year, please contact us directly for more details.