Karate at Okisho

Since its creation, Okisho is known for the importance it attaches to the precepts of “Bun Bu Ryo Do”. This Japanese saying can be translated in “the Way of the Pen and the Sword”, meaning that scholarship and the martial arts should be practiced together.

In 2007, Okinawa karate became a required discipline within the Okisho curriculum. It thus became the first school in Japan and Okinawa where karate is mandatory. Today, all Okisho students train in karate at least one time per week, for 70 minutes .

To insure that karate is properly instructed, Okisho partnered with the Okinawa Prefecture Karatedo Federation. A system including the 4 major traditional styles of karate was established allowing the students to choose between Shorin-ryu, Goju-ryu, Matsubayashi-ryu and Uechi-ryu. The masters who instruct at Okisho are among the elite of Okinawa karate:

              Shorin-ryu: Uema Yasuhiro sensei (Hanshi 9 th dan)

              Goju-ryu: Koki Gensei (Kyoshi 8th dan)

              Matsubayashi-ryu: Taira Yoshitaka sensei (Hanshi 10th dan)

              Uechi-ryu: Shinjo Kiyohide sensei (Kyoshi 8th dan)


By joining this study abroad program, you now have the chance to study karate as part of your school activities, with some of the best masters in Okinawa.


Extra karate activities

Through the Okinawa karate bureau, you can also practice karate in a regular dojo like all kids do in Okinawa. If your master is in Okinawa, you can join the regular dojo class held in the evening. If you do not know where to practice, we can help you find a welcoming dojo for you to train 3 times a week or more.