Application process

So you want to study at Okisho, the only Senior High School in Japan that has karate incorporated in its curriculum. It may seem like a long way to go, but it really only takes 7 to 12 steps depending on the length of stay you choose.




Step 1:   Request and submit the assessment sheet to OTKLB

Step 2:   Examination and interview

Step 3:   Notice of acceptance

Step 4:   Payment of a registration fee to OTKLB*

Step 5:   Prepare and submit all necessary documents to OTKLB

Step 6:   Applying for Certificate of Eligibility to Naha immigration office*

Step 7:   Issuing of Certificate of Eligibility from Naha immigration office to OTBLB*

Step 8:   Notice of issuance of Certificate of Eligibility to the applicant*

Step 9:   Payment of school expenses for first semester (depends on program length) to OTKLB

Step 10: Sending Certificate of Eligibility to applicant*

Step 11: Application for visa at Japanese Embassy by the applicant in his own country*

Step 12: Come to Japan to enter Okisho Senior High School


* denotes a “if necessary” step or procedure