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Established in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, the main purpose of the “Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau” and this website is to offer some assistance to all those who plan on visiting Okinawa for karate and kobudo purposes.

If you want to train in the birthplace of karate, see and experience traditional karate or kobudo with local masters, if you want to take a seminar or need some help in coordinating a film on the local martial arts, just ask and we will strive to set things up for you before you actually come to the cradle of karate.

As the name says it, the “Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau” is here to act as an intermediary between worldwide karate enthusiasts and the local Okinawan karate community. Working together with the main karate organizations on Okinawa, we stand as an impartial organization ready to support what matter most, traditional karate and those who love it.

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Important Notes

-       Our policy is that one trainee should train with one instructor and not a myriad, except if the main instructor is fine with the fact of training in various dojo. If you plan or wish to train in various dojo or styles, let us know from the beginning. Visiting (not training) other dojo however may be fine.

-       With the internet, it is nowadays possible to contact various masters and organizations directly. If you want to ask our support to find a dojo or an instructor, we need to know which masters you are already talking to and with who you plan on training with, as not doing so might put us in a difficult situation. Remember that the Okinawa karate circles are small and that everything will be known one day or the other.

-       Understand that we have many requests to handle simultaneously. Although communication might take some time, we have never let anyone down and always made things happen when all criterions were met. If you decide to not wait for our support or decide to cancel your visit to Okinawa, this is fine. But in that case, please send us a message to let us know that you don’t need our services anymore. That will save us some time and unnecessary work.

-       It is hard for us to organize something in one or two days. Calling us in the morning to “see or do” some karate in the evening will in most cases not allow us to help you. Remember that dojo are training halls dedicated to the pursue of the way of karate, not demonstration facilities. Therefore contact us in advance to make sure you make the best of your trip.