Okinawa Motobu Udundi Karate Kobudo Association

The association Okinawa Motobu Udundi Karate Kobudo Kyokai was formed within Okinawa Prefecture by some longtime disciples of Uehara Seikichi. It is based on the martial arts that were transmitted within the “Motobu Udun” during the times of the Ryukyuan dynasty. Gassen (battle) techniques used when facing multiple opponents, weapons like Ken-jutsu (sword), So-jutsu, Nagi-jutsu (short pole), karate, tuite and Mekata (Mai-ti) are transmitted. The zenith is found in Mekata. Mekata is an elegant martial dance in which martial techniques were hiden inside Ryukyuan classical dances motions.

At the time of the Meiji government’s han system abolishment, Motobu Choyu (1857-1927), 11th heir of the Motobu family known as “Motobu Udun”, studied from childhood under his father Motobu Choshin the martial arts transmitted secretly from father to son within the Motobu family. In order to broaden his martial arts knowledge, Motobu Choyu also learned from renowned Shurite and Tomarite masters thus acquiring old and devising unique kata. During the Taisho era, he established the “Okinawa Karate Kenkyu (Research) Club” and taught his knowledge to local masters of karate.

Although Uehara Seikichi (1904-2004) was not related by birth, Motobu Choyu saw his possibilities and after instructing him, he passed on him all his knowledge in 1926. As these techniques were handed down in secret within the Motobu Udun, there was no style name. Also, as it was a family inherited art, it was not systemized. After WWII, Uehara Seikichi decided to make publicly known his secretly taught martial arts. In 1961, Uehara named the karate and kobudo taught to him by Motobu Choyu “Motobu-ryu”.

Furthermore in 1970, he named “Motobu Udundi” the secrets martial arts transmitted within the Motobu Udun and established the organization “Motobu Udundi Kobujutsu Kyokai”. Later, together with his Okinawan top disciples, Uehara systemized Udundi so it could be taught to the public. Until then, kata were performed according to one individual’s ability and power. From now on, the forms of karate and weapons katas would be also systemized.

In April 2012, the “Okinawa Motobu Udundi Karate Kobudo Association” was established. Today’s president is the eldest son of Uehara Seikichi and the head of Seidokan, Uehara Takeshi.


Syllabus of “Okinawa Motobu-ryu Karate Kobudo Kyokai”

1.  Karate: Naihanchi, Pinan, Passai, Ufukun (Kusanku), Mutudi, Kasshindi, Jicchin

2.  Kobujutsu: Gassen-bo, Gassen-sai, nunchaku, tonfa, tabo, Gassen-ueku, Gassen-kama, etc.

3.  Udundi: Daito nu ti, Nito nu ti, So nu ti, Naginata nu ti, Tuite, Mekata (Mai-ti)