Overseas Okinawan masters

Today, Okinawa karate is taught worldwide by many masters and instructors who teach the martial traditions inherited in the Ryukyu Islands. Among them are some Okinawan pioneers who chose to emigrate and are presently teaching karate and kobudo overseas. Below is a list of these instructors per countries.

While these masters are not directly related to our bureau, this list was only created to do homage to them as they play an important role in the promotion of the martial arts of Okinawa. (More important notes regarding this list are available here)








 Shorin-ryu  Miyazato Masatoshi  Website: http://www.miyazatodojo.com/
 Uechi-ryu  Miyagi Kaoru  Website: http://okinawakaratedokyokaiargentina.blogspot.jp/
 Matsubayashi-ryu  Akamine Shigehide  Website: http://www.matsubayashi-ryu.com.ar/
 Goju-ryu  Oshiro Hidekazu
 Goju-ryu  Yonamine Yasunori
 Shorin-ryu  Kikugawa Masanobu  Website: http://www.kiku.ca
 Gohaku-kai  Kinjo Yoshitaka  Website: http://takakarate.com/
 Shorin-ryu & Kobudo  Chinen Kenyu  Website: http://www.oshukai.com/
 Uechi-ryu  Shimabukuro Yukinobu    
 Website: http://www.uechiryu.fr/
 Uechi-ryu  Takayasu Takemi  Website: http://kenyukaifrance.free.fr/index.php/fr
 Goju-ryu & Kobudo
 Oshiro Zenei  Website: http://www.ogse.eu
 Shorin-ryu  Adaniya Seisuke  Website: http://www.nipponbudoclub.fr/
 Shorin-ryu  Shiroma Seigi
 Shorin-ryu  Higa Oscar  Website: http://www.oikko.org/
 Goju-ryu  Onaga Ryoichi  Website: http://www.ogkke.es/
 Goju-ryu & Kobudo  Hentona Choyu  Website: http://www.esisfitpilates.com
 Goju-ryu  Uehara Shigeru
 Shorin-ryu  Iha Seikichi  Website: http://www.ihadojo.com
 Shorin-ryu  Shinzato Yoshihiko  not available
 Shorin-ryu  Shiroma Jiro
 Website: http://www.azmartialartsacademy.com/
 Goju-ryu  Nakada Yurio  Website: http://alaskajundokan.org/Home.html
 Ota Eihachi  Website: http://shorin-ryu.com/
 Matsubayashi-ryu  Nishime Kiyoshi  Website: http://karatecincinnati.com/
 Ryuei-ryu  Arashiro Tomohiro  Website: http://www.ryueiryu.com
 Kenpo  Higa Teruyuki  Website: http://okinawakenpokarate.com/
 Yamani-ryu  Oshiro Toshihiro  Website: http://oshirodojo.com/
 Musokai  Arakaki Kiyoshi  Website: http://www.musokai.info/



More notes:

This list was updated November 2015.

Masters are listed in no particular order.  Some may teach karate as well as kobudo.

This is a non exhaustive list. If you see an error or something missing, please let us know anytime.

The content and level of the teaching vary from master to master. We advise you to first check if the instruction fits what your requirements.