Request language support

 (For foreigners visiting Okinawa)


The Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau (herein after “OKKB”) manages a network of volunteer interpreters willing to support overseas karate enthusiasts, might it be for a visit to a local dojo or to attend a local karate event.

There is a fixed minimal fee for this service and we will also request some prior background info and a post report on how things went. If you agree on the terms below, do not hesitate to contact us with as much details as possible regarding your request so we can answer it to the best of our capacity.


(1) Languages available:

English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian


(2) Purposes of services

Visit and/or training at a local karate dojo, visit of karate related facilities, meetings with an instructor, visit and / or participation to a karate demonstration or tournament.

Non karate events or activities are not eligible for our services. Likewise, parties and gatherings preceding, following or in relation with the above purposes are not eligible.


(3) Places of services
Karate and kobudo dojo and sport facilities located within Okinawa Prefecture.


(4) Time of services

We can provide such services every day between 8:00 and 21:00, for a time period of approximately two hours.


(5) Cost of services
Interpreting services are free of charge. However, depending on circumstances, a small fee may be charged to the applicant (Transportation and the likes). Contact us for specifics on that matters.
In case a payment is necessary, it must be done in advance to OKKB.


(6) Requesting our services
By principle, interpreting services must be requested by a local karate and kobudo instructor. In case foreigners wish to apply directly for such services, please contact us in advance by e-mail or phone.

(7) Important note on liability
The designated volunteer interpreter or our organization cannot be held responsible for any problem or misunderstanding that might occurs during or after interpretation. If you need professional services or advices, contact us and we will introduce you to professional interpreters.


(8) How it works

            1, Request our services by e-mail or fax.

            2, We search for the proper interpreter.

            3, Contents are checked by all parties.

            4, If necessary, payment occurs in advance.

            5, The volunteer interpreter interpretes on the designated day.

            6, After interpretation is finished, the interpreter and applicant submit a report on provided services to OKKB.

            7, If transportation costs were necessary, the OKKB will pay directly the volunteer interpreter.


Where to apply

Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau

Tel: +81-98-851-3669