Volunteer Interpreter Program

Volunteer Interpreter Participation (VIP) Program 

Every year, many foreigners visit Okinawa with the purpose of training in karate in a local dojo or in seminars. And although karate is a physical activity, knowledge since ancient times has been transmitted both physically and by word of mouth.

While today many masters are capable of transmitting their knowledge in English, interpretation from Japanese to-from a foreign language is still needed and always appreciated by visitors and locals alike.

One of the goals of the Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau is to help foreign visitors who come for karate purposes in Okinawa to overcome the language barrier. In this philosophy, our bureau’s “Volunteer Interpreter Participation (VIP)” has two major objectives:

  1. Helping foreign visitors as well as local instructors and karate enthusiasts to better communicate through the use of foreign languages.
  2. Through volunteer activities, offer unforgettable international experiences and language and culture skills improvements to Okinawans and foreigners established in Japan.


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