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Karate events in Okinawa for July 2015


Here are the major karate related events planned in Okinawa in July 2015.


17th Junior High School Tournament

Dates: July 3-5

Venue: Okinawa Prefectural Budokan

Organizer: Okinawa Pref. JHS Federation


Okiden Shikoren Seminar 2015

Dates: July 10-23

Venue: Yaese Town

Organizer: Federation International Okinawa Dento Shidokan Karate and Kobudo


3rd Okinawa Traditional Karate and Kobudo World Seminar

Dates: July 13-18

Venue: Okinawa Prefectural Budokan

Organizers: Okinawa prefecture, Okinawa Dento Karate Shinkokai


Shorin-ryu Shubukan 40th Anniversary Events

Dates: July 25-26

Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Education and Welfare Hall

Organizer: Shuri Karate Kobudo Hozonkai Shorin-ryu Shubukan


15th Kyushu district Tournament

Dates: July 25-26

Venue: Okinawa Prefectural Budokan

Organizer: Nihon Karatedo Rengokai Kyushu District Council


37th Youth Tournament

Dates: July 26

Venue: Okinawa City Awase Public Hall

Organizer: Okinawa Karatedo Kyokai



Note that the karate bureau doesn’t endorse these events.

They are announced as a source of information only.

According to the event, there might be or not an entrance fee.

For more details, please contact directly the organizers.

If you wish to ad an event, please let us know.

(Source: Okinawa Karate News)

Visiting the birthplace of Kyan Chotoku sensei



The founder of Chintokan Shorin-ryu Karatedo, Sakimukai Masaharu sensei (1943-2010) first studied karate with Tamotsu Isamu sensei to later study with Shimabukuro Zenji sensei and then Zenryo sensei of Seibukan Karatedo, today led by Shimabukuro Zenpo sensei (IOSSKA). Having established his first Chintokan dojo in 1962 in Osaka, late Masaharu sensei and his family moved to the USA in 1980. His son, Sakimukai Yoshihito sensei (47) learned karate from his father and is today the head instructor of Chintokan, based in Jacksonville, Florida. Next to Shorin-ryu karate, he also teaches jodo, iaido and kobudo. Visiting his relatives in Japan in June, he requested that our bureau organize a few kobudo sessions under Nakamoto Masahiro sensei of the Bunbukan, which we did. Next to perfecting his tonfa’s kata, he also toured the many monuments and sites related to Kyan Chotoku sensei and Shurite masters. About his trip, he commented: “Thank you for your service. I did achieve my goal and more insight than I had hoped to gain. Looking forward to develop a great karate relationship with you.”

A Canadian family trains at the source



Gilbert Landry, a 51 year old accounting officer from Canada, is also a black belt in Yoseikan karate. He visited Okinawa from May 24 till June 6 with his wife, a school music teacher, and daughter, both black belts in the same style. As he contacted our karate bureau to organize his stay in Okinawa, we set for the family to train in Shurite/Shorin-ryu, the original style of Funakoshi Gichin sensei. For more than 2 weeks, the 3 family members humbly put on a white belt and rediscovered the roots of karate with Maeshiro Morinobu sensei and the masters of the Shidokan Honbu Dojo. Meanwhile, they also trained in Iaido with Hamamoto sensei, a martial art they have been practicing for a few years already.

Shorin-ryu Shubukan 40th Anniversary



For its 40th anniversary, the Shuri Karate Kobudo Hozonkai Shorin-ryu Shubukan led by Uema Yasuhiro sensei is organizing the “5th Memorial and karate kobudo demonstration in remembrance of Uema Joki sensei”. 4 dojo in Okinawa, students from Okinawa Shogaku Gakuen and some 50 members from overseas branches from Suisse, Spain, Czech Republic and Canada will demonstrate the karate inherited by the Uema family.


40th anniversary of the establishment of Shorin-ryu Shubukan

5th Memorial and Karate Kobudo Demonstration in remembrance of Uema Joki sensei

Organizer: Shuri Karate Kobudo Hozonkai Shorin-ryu Shubukan

Support: Shureido

Purpose: Furthering friendship between Okinawan and international members through karate, this event aims at deepening karate the way it was transmitted by our predecessors and ancestors and to support its popularization and development.

Date: Sunday July 26, 2015 – 15:00-17:00

Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Education and Welfare Hall – in Japanese: Okinawa Ken Kyoiku Fukushi Kaikan – 3F (1-14-6 Furujima Naha City)


Program cover of the 30th anniversary held in August 2005


Article covering the event in Issue 1 of “Okinawa Karate News” published in September 2005.


Translation of the article

Demonstration for the 30th anniversary of the Shubukan Uema Karate Dojo

On Saturday August 13 in Naha City Tenbusu Hall, a demonstration was held by the members of the Uema Dojo. In front of more than 200 people, members ranging from 4 years old up to Hanshi 10th dan Uema Joki sensei powerfully performed kata of karate and kobudo, yakusoku kumite, tameshiwari (breaking), etc. Among the demonstrators were members from France, Suisse and Czech Republic.



Hong Kong corporation members try on karate


ace-1  ace-2  ace-3

ACE Group is one of the world’s largest insurance company. With operations in more than 50 countries, the corporation maintains executive offices in Zurich, Bermuda and New York, and employs more than 20,000 people worldwide.

Okinawa becoming an important MICE destination, May 6 to 10, the Hong Kong branch of ACE Group held a Sales Conference in the prefecture with more than 120 members visiting the island. On Friday 8, some members enjoyed a few cultural discovery sessions like awamori mixology, bingata, cuisine, photography, Ryukyu glass and of course karate.

In regards to karate, the organizers contacted our bureau with a request for a training session and a 10 minutes demonstration in the evening. We thus organized a two hours training class in the morning during which Hong Kong participants were introduced in Okinawa karate by the Nakamoto Juku led by Nakamoto Yuichi sensei. After a lecture on karate and demonstrations, members did traditional preparatory exercises and kihon practice, used tanren tools like chiishi, saashi and makiwara, and learned the kata Fukyu-gata I.

During the evening reception, all those who experienced Okinawan culture had to present what they had learned during the day. The karate trainees performed on stage basic punches and blocks and Fukyu-gata I. They were followed by a Uechi-ryu Kenyukai team led by Shinjo Kiyohide sensei in person who demonstrated traditional karate. The demonstration was a huge success as the ACE group floor encouraged their fellow members but also give the karate masters a huge ovation for their outstanding performance of traditional Okinawa karate.


(If you are interested in setting such a session and/or a demonstration for your visiting group or corporation, please contact us anytime and we will organize a plan that suits your expectancies.)

37.9% increase for the 4 first months of 2015


In 2014, the karate liaison bureau helped 134 people so they could train with Okinawan masters in local dojo. During the first 4 months of 2015, the bureau has already helped 40 people from 10 countries, which represent an increase of 37.9% compared to last year’s same season. They were able to train in 10 different dojo in the four main styles of Okinawan karate that are Shorin-ryu, Goju-ryu, Uechi-ryu and Kobudo.



March: Jeff Lam from Hong Kong


Alan Hill_s

March/April: Alan Hill from Australia (2nd time in Okinawa)



April: Mike Bonde and the instructors of Arashido in Canada

New article: Karate until the grave


In the Ryukyu Shinpo of April 12, 2015, an article talks about a family whose grave stands erected on the American base of Futenma. It was built by Uezu Anriku who lived up to 105 years.

In a publication found dating back to 1973, an article mentions a certain Uezu Anriku making a demonstration of karate at the age of 102.

Karate practiced as a sport abroad is rarely practiced after 60 years of age. And yet, “born in Okinawa” karate is a martial culture but also an art that can and should be practiced to one’s grave.


Read the article

Onko Chishin series: Soken Hohan and Shiroma Taisei


New translation available on an article of the Kobudo series published in 1961 by Okinawa Times.

Read the article.

Karate events in Okinawa during March 2015


Here are the major karate related events planned in Okinawa for March 2015.


World Oshukai Spring Seminar

Dates: March 6-11

Venue: Naha Recreation Center

Organizer: World Oshukai Federation


5th Shorinji Karate Rensei Tournament

Dates: March 8

Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Budokan

Organizer: Renseikai Okinawa Hdqrs.


Okinawa Traditional Karate Kobudo Youth Tournament

Dates: March 22

Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Budokan

Organizers: Okinawa Prefecture Karatedo Rengokai


Okinawa Goju-ryu Tournament

Dates: March 28

Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Budokan

Organizer: Okinawa Goju-ryu Karatedo Kyokai


CFA Budokan seminars

Dates: March 28-April 7

Venue: Okinawa Prefecture Budokan

Organizer: CFA, Okinawa Prefecture Karatedo Rengokai


100 Kobudo Kata Challenge

Dates: March 29

Venue: Nishihara Kirakira Beach

Organizer: Challenge Okinawa


Note that the karate bureau doesn’t endorse these events.

They are announced as a source of information only.

According to the event, there might be or not an entrance fee.

For more details, please contact directly the organizers.

If you wish to ad an event, please let us know.

(Source: Okinawa Karate News)

January and February report


The month of February is already coming to an end as we get ready to enter March, last month of the fiscal year 2014.

During January and February, our liaison bureau has helped 16 foreigners so they could train in Okinawa or discover Okinawa karate. They were mainly from Australia, Canada, Germany and the USA.

From Quebec, second time visitor Rudy Duquet, a Yoseikan instructor was here to train at the Kyudokan and Hamamoto sensei in Iaido. Like in 2013 (see a report on his first visit here), he stayed one month in Naha and also joined the OPG sponsored International seminar’s Uechi-ryu week course.

Duquet 2015

A German Shotokan 3rd dan Michael Kuczmik (2nd line, 2nd from right) also made the trip to Okinawa to join the International seminar. Wishing to train every evening in Goju-ryu, he contacted us in December 2014. After discussing his request, we helped him train at Higaonna sensei’s dojo for the one month period he stayed on island.


Another German citizen was Mrs. Katharina Dahl, a Shotokan practitioner for 14 years. On island for 10 days early February, she requested to train in a Shorin-ryu dojo. We introduced her to Shubukan master Nakazato Hideo sensei who instructed her in his Zenku Dojo in Matsugawa.


In most cases, training in Okinawa is possible and there are many ways. Just make sure to plan ahead!!

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