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The 63rd Prefecture Sport Festival – Karate tournament


The 63rd Okinawa Prefecture Athletic Championship karate tournament was held November 26 in Itoman Senior High School.

The individual male kata was won by Nakamoto Yuichi (Tomigusuku City – Nakamoto Juku) while Teruya Masako (Naha City – Uema Shubukan) won the individual female kata division. Miyagi Yoshimasa (Urasoe City) won the senior kata division.

In team kumite, the team representing central Okinawa won and Kuniyoshi Shintaro (Central Okinawa - Uechi-ryu Kenyukai) won the male kumite division.

In Kobudo, Nakamoto Mamoru, Kinjo Kenta and Iha Mitsutada met for the same time in the same bo division. This time, Iha Mitsutada won. The female bo division is won by Taira Minako (Naha City – Kubagawa Shubukan) and Naka Hidemistu (Naha / Butokukan) won the senior bo division. In sai, Mr. Yonamine (Central Okinawa), Ms Chinen (Urasoe City) and Mr. Matsumon (Ginowan City) won respectively the male, female and senior divisions.

Tomoyose & Takamiyagi sensei awarded


November 3rd, Culture Day in Japan, Uechi-ryu Tomoyose Ryuko sensei was awarded “The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays”. 

Takamiyagi Shigeru sensei, chairman of the board of directors of the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai, was commended for his outstanding cultural contributions by the Okinawa Prefecture.

Demonstration for The “Day of Karate”


Organized by the Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai, Okinawa karate elite led by many Hanshi 10th performed a demonstration on October 25. The event took place in the center of Naha, close by the Okinawa Prefecture Government Office. Nakaima Hirokazu, Governor of Okinawa and president of the Shinkokai was present together with Hirata Daiichi, head of the OPG Culture Tourism and Sport Division,  and the mayor of Naha City, Onaga Takeshi.

Kyan Chotoku project & symposium


The 2nd “Kyan Chotoku demonstration and symposium” was held on Sept. 25 in Kadena. The staff used by Kyan sensei was unveiled to the public at the occasion. Also, the English edition of a book on Kyan sensei was released and the launching of a  web page for the “Chanmi house reconstruction world campaign" was announced.  (Provided by Okinawa Karate News)

The 5th Uchinanchu Festival “Karate and Kobudo Exchange Festival”


Since the 1st festival in 1990, the World Uchinanchu Festival unveils every 5-6 years in Okinawa.This year, the 5th edition was held in Okinawa October 13 to 16.

Next to the main karate and kobudo demonstrations that occurred at the Okinawa Prefecture Hall of Martial Arts Oct. 14-15, a dedicatory demonstration executed by the heads of the 4 main local organizations was staged Oct 13 at Shuri Castle.

In a different register, Chinen Kenyu (Shorin ryu instructor residing in France) and Kinjo Yoshitaka (Gohakukai instructor living in Canada) were among the 13 people from overseas commended by the OPG for distinguished services rendered. Finally, French kata champion Minh Dack was in Okinawa for a symposium and a youth seminar Oct. 8-9 in Nago City. Although practicing Shito-ryu, Mr. Dack trained with the Okinawa Gojuryu Karatedo Kyokai and at the Uema Shubukan.

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