2012 Annual meeting report

Date: July 31, 2012

Place: Okinawa Shogaku Senior High School meeting room


Our committee held its 2012 Annual General Meeting. 6 of the 7 executive members were present.

Present members were: Nashiro Masaichiro, Nakazone Kenzo, Miguel Da Luz, Takehara Naoki and Nagamine Kyoko. Midorikawa Tetsuya arrived late due to work obligation but after being briefed, he also approved the contents and decided to continue as a member. Itokazu Masahiro couldn’t attend the meeting. However, he was briefed on all items of the agenda and approving them, he decided to continue as a member.

The agenda items of the meeting were as below.

 1.       First year report of activities

Item 1: Report of activities

Item 2: First year balance settling and audit report

Item 3: Regarding the future relations with the Okinawa Prefecture Government and Okinawa karate circles

2.       Regarding the organizational structure

Item 4: Modification of one portion of the organization’s rules

Item 5: Members composition and executive members’ reappointment

3.       Activities for the 2nd year

Item 6: Business plan

Item 7: Income and expenditure budget


All above items were approved and the Annual General Meeting was closed.

Below are the main points discussed and approved during the meeting.

A.     First year activities

The first year was about building the foundation of our organization. Having received the support of the Okinawa Prefecture Government, we succeed in creating a website that has received a fairly good audience overseas. Since the launching of our site, we have had 13,191 private users and received 203 individual requests for support from altogether 39 countries (as of July 15). From May to July, we have actually help and support 8 visiting groups or individuals from India, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan and France. While the liaison and support system still needs a lot of improvements so that martial artists who have no connection in Okinawa can actually successfully visit and train in Okinawa, we believe that we have achieved our first year's goals. The liaison system improvement is one of the main goals of our second year of activity.


B.      Modification of one portion of the organization's rules

Our organization named the “Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau Construction Project” changes its name for the “Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau” (in Japanese “Okinawa Dento Karate Sogo Annai Bureau”).


 C.     Business plan

  1. Actual website enrichment and continuous information dispatching
  2. Overseas trainees and local dojo matching as well as implementation of various support activities
  3. Organization of karate seminars (geared toward small groups)
  4. Establishment of an information desk / office
  5. Securing corporate sponsor
  6. Promoting Okinawa traditional karate though a demonstration team
  7. International exchange programs in schools through Okinawa traditional karate
  8. Creating a worldwide discussion space to broaden the values of Okinawa traditional karate (construction of a dedicated website)


D.     Organizational structure

To ensure the continuity of the activities of the “Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau” and the recognition of the public good nature of its activities, we firmly believe that our organization needs to become a recognized and legal Non Profit Organization (Known as NPO Hojin in Japanese). We will strive to become such a NPO before the end of the present Japanese fiscal year (Heisei 24 nendo ending March 31, 2013).


E.      Retiring member

The following member is stepping down.

Nakazone Kenzo (President, Shureido Co., Ltd.)

However, Mr. Nakazone as made clear that he will be supporting our bureau from outside. We thank him for his past and future support.