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Traditional karate is a cultural heritage of Okinawa. Focusing on personal training of kata, it is characterized by the importance of developing a proper spirit and valuing martial attitude. By promoting Okinawan traditional karate to the world, we wish to reaffirm and establish the international status of “Okinawa, birthplace of karate”. So doing, we aim at contributing to the further industrial development of Okinawa through tourism activities and related business.



The goals of the Okinawa karate circles are mainly: (1) Construction of a Karate Hall (Karatedo Kaikan) (2) Periodical organization of a world tournament (3) Enforcement of the Intangible Cultural Asset Designation (4) Introduction of karate in school education

Supporting these goals, our committee’s objectives are as follow: 1.  Liaison bureau activities 2.  Multilingual information diffusion and networking 3.  Training programs development and management 4.  Karate related projects for kids and international exchange projects 5.  Promotion for a better karate understanding within Okinawa 6.  Supporting the nurturing of international level instructors.


Basic stance

Believing that karate is a cultural heritage that has no frontier and can contribute to the world, we, as an organization supporting Okinawa’s karate circles for the public good, strive to develop projects related to Okinawan traditional karate and its international networks.


Executive members


Representative: Nashiro Masaichiro

Vice chairman - Vice principal, Okinawa Shogaku Jr. & Sr. High School (website)

 Supervision: Miguel Da Luz

General Manager, Okinawa Media Planning Co., Ltd (website)

 Planning: Takehara Naoki

Research worker, Development Planning Institute, inc. (website)

Midorikawa Tetsuya

Director, Seek Co.,Ltd. (website)

 Auditor: Nagamine Kyoko

Nagamine Kyoko Certified Tax Accountant Office, head of office



Head of the secretariat: Miguel Da Luz

Address: 1-25-25 Ameku, Naha City, Okinawa JAPAN 900-0005

(IMPORTANT: If you wish to meet with us or make an appointment, please make sure to contact us in advance.)

TEL: +81-98-851-3669

FAX: +81-98-995-3589

Email: contact us


Season 2011-2012 activity report

Our report of activities is available online. Click on the image below to open the pdf file.

You will need a pdf reader to view it. Also, some corrections were made in the English translation of the report.


2012 Annual meeting report

The Annual General Meeting of our organization was held on July 31, 2012 at Okinawa Shogaku Senior High School. Check out the meeting's report.

2014 Annual meeting report

The Annual General Meeting of our organization was held on September 25, 2014 at Okinawa Shogaku Senior High School. Check out the meeting’s report.