Commemorative days of Okinawa


Okinawa is an island with a rich history and culture. Having inherited so many cultural treasures, Okinawans have created many special dedicatory days to promote and commemorate their cherished culture.

Regarding karate, Okinawa’s most precious culture asset, the Okinawa Prefecture Assembly established the “Day of karate” on October 25, in remembrance of the meeting of October 25, 1936, day when Okinawan masters decided to use the kanji karate (open hand) instead of Tang's hand.

Photo source: Okinawa Karate News

The first “Karate no hi” was celebrated in 2005 in Naha City.

There are also other commemorative days, some famous and other less famous. But all are important as they remind us every year of the many charms of Okinawa.


March 4 :  Sanshin no hi – The day of sanshin (Since 1993)

March 5 :  Sango no hi – The day of coral (Since 1996)

March 8 :  Sanba no hi – The day of Okinawan castanet (Since 2001)

April 3 :  Shiisaa no hi – The day of of the lion-dog (Since 2002)

April 3rd Sunday :  Mozuku no hi – The day of mozuku seaweed (Since 2002)

April 26 :  Satokibi no hi – The day of sugarcane (Since 1977)

May 8 :  Goya no hi – The day of goya bitter melon (Since 1997)

May 15 :  Okinawa hondo fukki kinenbi - Commemorative day of the reversion of Okinawa to Mainland Japan  (Since 1972)

June 22 :  Hirei no hi – Okinawa Memorial Day (Since 1974 – Prefectural holiday)

July 8 :  Naha no hi – The day of Naha (Since 1989)

July 15 :  Mango no hi – the day of mango (Since 2000)

September 4 :  Kuusu no hi – The day of vintage awamori (Since 2000)

October 17 :  Okinawa soba no hi – The day of Okinawa soba (Since 1997)

October 25 :  Karate no hi – The day of karate (Since 2005)

November 1 :  Awamori no hi – The day of awamori (Since 1989)


Note: Most of the time, except for historical reasons, the date of a commemorative day is decided according to sounds; For example, the “Sanshin day” was established on March 4, which in Japanese is “San gatsu yokka” or san (3) shi (4), thus sanshin no hi!