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Karate events in Okinawa for February 2017


Here are the major karate related events planned in Okinawa for February 2017.


6th School Karatedo Demonstration

Dates: February 3

Venue: Tomigusuku City Gymnasium

Organizer: Okinawa Shogaku


Senior High School Spring Tournament

Date: Feb. 4-5

Venue: Urasoe City

Organizer: Okinawa Pref. SHS Federation


8th Tomigusuku City Tournament

Date: Feb. 5

Venue: Tomigusuku City Gymnasium, Tomigusuku City

Organizer: Tomigusuku City Athletics Association


All Okinawa Karate Kobudo Tournament

Date: February 12

Venue: Okinawa International University, Ginowan City

Organizer: Okinawa Karate Kobudo Federation


Okinawa City Cultural Festival and Karate Kobudo Demonstration

Date: February 12

Venue: Municipal Small Theater Ashibina, Okinawa City

Organizer: Okinawa City Cultural Association


1st Senior High School Karatedo Demonstration

Dates: February 17

Venue: Okinawa Pref. Budokan, Naha City

Organizer: Okinawa Shogaku


4th Okinawa Pref. Uechi-ryu Youth Tournament

Date: Feb. 25

Venue: Kadena Junior High School, Kadena Town

Organizer: Executive committee



Note that the karate bureau doesn’t endorse these events.

They are announced as a source of information only.

According to the event, there might be or not an entrance fee.

For more details, please contact directly the organizers.

If you wish to add an event, please let us know.

(Source: Okinawa Karate News)