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2014 Annual meeting report


Date: September 25, 2014 Place: Okinawa Shogaku Senior High School reception room Present members were: Nashiro Masaichiro, Miguel Da Luz, Takehara Naoki and Midorikawa Tetsuya. Nagamine Kyoko couldn’t attend the meeting. The agenda items of the meeting were as below. 1.       Third year report of activities Item 1: Report of activities Item 2: Third year balance settling and audit report 2.       Regarding the organizational structure Item 3: Modification of one portion of the organization’s rules Item 4: Members composition and executive members’ reappointment 3.       Activities for the 4th year Item 5: Business plan Item 6: Income and expenditure budget Below are the main points discussed and approved during the meeting. (1) Third year report of activities: With the numbers of hits on its website steadily ascending, the bureau has been helping more and more people. The 1st year: 5 projects (6 persons), 2nd year: 26 projects (49 people), 3rd year: 49 projects (102 persons). As of September 2014, the total number of persons that we helped is 201. 28 dojo in Okinawa have welcomed these people from overseas and Japan. Regarding promotion, our bureau has also been featured in various media locally and internationally and it can be said that the degree of recognition of our bureau is increasing little by little. All activities and the third year balance settling and audit report were approved. (2) Regarding the organizational structure: ・ The abbreviation (OTKLB) as well as the new address of the organization (1-25-25 Ameku, Naha City 900-0007 Japan) were added to the association’s rules. ・ Founding member Itokazu Masahiro resigned due to heath issues. (3) Activities for the 4th year ・ It has been decided that until the management system of the Karatedo Kaikan (tentative name) is assembled, our bureau will keep its activities of information dispatching and liaison services in a steady way. ・ Study programs as well as popularization activities should be promoted. However, the income base must first be solidify through the actual information dispatching and liaison services. ・ The Business plan and Income and expenditure budget were approved.