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A Russian lady discovers Okinawa karate



Elena Goleshchikhina, a 56 years old Russian lady, is the president of the Women's Club Hasumi and a 6th kyu in Shinkyokushinkai from Novosibirsk in Russia. She has been practicing karate for 5 years. She also studied Japanese language in the cultural center "Siberia-Hokkaido" for 3 years. She contacted our bureau as she wanted to train in Okinawa. She requested to train with Taira Masaji sensei and some kobudo instructors after watching the famous TV show "Deadly Art" with Josette Normandeau.

She arrived in Naha City on April 1, 2013. Two days after, we set for her to have a private class with Goju-ryu Taira Masaji sensei at Yogi Katsuhiko sensei's dojo, the Goju-ryu Karate Ningen Juku in Kanagusuku, Naha City. Although the language barrier was hard to deal with, the two masters were nice enough to demonstrate some basic techniques and bunkai related to Goju-ryu kata. Coming back from the training, Elena expressed her gratitude as she was very happy to have had such a great opportunity learning from two such experts.

She is scheduled to stay until April 10th .