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Miyazato Shoei sensei in Okinawa


From Argentina, Miyazato Shoei sensei (85) visited Okinawa for two weeks with some 20 students September 2012.

Born in 1928, Miyazato sensei moved to Argentina in 1959. While he trained under Miyahira Katsuya sensei before moving to South America, he didn’t plan on teaching karate but was asked to do so after doing a demonstration at a local event. Today, Shoei sensei’s organization, Shidokan Miyazato Dojo, is famous in Argentina, has many branches overseas but most of all is regarded as essential for the citizens of Cordoba City, so much that a monument was erected in his honor in 2007.

On September 26, Miyazato sensei visited the Okinawa General Bureau for a courtesy call on Mr. Noto Yasushi, Director of Economy, Trade and Industry Department and for a special demonstration.

Here are the event in photos (in order of event)


Miyazato Shohei sensei meeting with Director Noto


Commemorative photo. Left to right: Miyazato Mayumi and Masatoshi sensei, Noto Yasushi , Miyazato Shohei sensei and Higa Mitsuru


Beginning of the demonstration by 17 members of the Miyazato Dojo




Naihanchi by all members


Bunkai in group


Ippon kumite by the grandson of Miyazato sensei (to the left)


More bunkai in group


Koryu no Passai performed by the son of Shohei sensei, Masatoshi sensei


Miyazato sensei explains the Dojo-kun of his organization


The entire delegation after the memo


The Miyazato family members who came to Okinawa this time. Next to Shohei and Masatoshi sensei are 4 grandchildren of Shohei sensei.